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AptExpert.com is your best resource for finding an apartment for rent, with fast, free and friendly service from the Bay area to the Woodlands.  I can help you find the perfect place to match your wants and needs. Hello and welcome! I'm Kathy Curtis, a licensed real estate agent specializing in apartment rental and relocation.  AptExpert.com  is my small business website, Thank you for visiting. 

My website is always a work in progress but I hope you'll find it helpful and informative.      

 A little about me - I joined my broker company, Texas Apartment Locators, in 1992 as assistant to the owner. We had 7 offices in Houston at that time and being able to work at all the locations was a huge benefit but the Clear Lake office was closer to home so that's where I landed after becoming a licensed agent. I've been able to expand my area of expertise to not just the Bay area or Clear Lake area but to all the neighborhoods, cities and towns around Houston. I've been a remote, field agent via AptExpert.com  for about 7 years! It's the only way I can work as much as I do and still take care of my two loves, 75+# Boxers! Yep, I love 🐾 dogs, cats, animals. . . I would rescue every animal that needed a good home if I could! Ok, back to business or if you're bored to death, please feel free to jump back to the "apartment search" page before you fall asleep 😂! Being a native Houstonian native I've lived, worked and done business in almost every area of Houston. Apartment locating was a natural step for me, having come from a lengthy background in apartment leasing and management. I'm licensed to sell homes but I love what I do, it's my niche and my passion! I will assist you with the highest level of care and service in the industry. Helping people find the perfect place to call home is the best experience. I hope to have the opportunity to do that for you! ✌️   


What Sets Us Apart at  AptExpert.com

  • 25+ years of experience in apartment locating, and 12+ years of apartment leasing and management 
  •  I'm here for you from start to finish, you can reach me 7 days a week via phone, text, email  
  • I'm honest, trustworthy and I'll work hard for you 
  • I have an exceptional work ethic, a caring attitude and genuine concern for my customers. I'll follow through in every aspect of the apartment search and leasing process 
  •  I'm dedicated to earning your respect first and foremost; your repeat business; and your referrals 
  • In addition to my education, I study the apartment market, track trends, stay abreast of everything that's going in the apartment industry. I do this to be able to provide you with the level of service that you expect and deserve 
  • I strive to deliver the best service and my reputation is very important to me. Excellence in customer service is my promise to you 
  • Where you choose to live is a big decision for you, or for your family, and I never take that decision lightly! 
  • I can also provide helpful resources for additional needs such as reputable movers, electricity providers, internet and cable companies, washer/dryer rental, furniture rental, or renter insurance     
 Let's do this together! With your input and my expertise, we'll find the perfect place!    

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Why should I use an apartment locator instead of looking on my own? 

  • It may seem like a no-brainer to find your own apartment with all the research sites out there but it’s really not that simple. Most apartment communities use dynamic pricing systems that can make the rental price change daily, in some cases dramatically; availability can change daily; qualifications and approval criteria change with new owners or management, and only a small percentage of apartments advertise with online sites and apps so you won’t have access to all of them since only a percentage are listed! 
  • As an apartment locator, my job is to not only narrow the search to match your wants and needs but also to call each property to inquire on your behalf for the price, availability for your move date, ask for specials and discounts and the particular amenities you requested. 
  •  As an experienced agent, I know the back story of the properties, the level of service, quality, different aspects of floorplans along with knowing the area and locations. We have the knowledge and insight to assist you because that’s what we do - I put all my energy into finding the perfect apartment home for you. 
  • Simply put – using an apartment locator’s expertise is unbeatable, and the best part is that it’s absolutely 100% free to you.  
  • I'm in direct contact with leasing and management teams daily and stay on top of specials and price reductions so I can pass those on to you. Prices, specials, and availability can fluctuate and change on a daily basis. 
  • Houston has an over-supply of luxury apartments in many areas and I know where you can get the latest and greatest apartment deals! I also know where you can find great deals for moderate or low priced apartment listings!
  • One of the best reasons to use an apartment locator service is for their knowledge and experience. I've toured hundreds of properties and continue to do so, I stay abreast of changes in owner and management which can mean good or bad things to come, and I get first news of brand new properties being built. I'm very informed with areas and locations to assist you in choosing the properties most convenient to work, school or daily activities. 
  • I will do my best to help you avoid a year long mistake. We've seen and experienced the concerns and situations from, "it doesn't look like the picture", or "the maintenance department isn't performing as promised", "there's not enough parking", to "there are bugs everywhere"! I can assure you however, there are no "perfect" properties, but there are many that strive to maintain the highest standards of living and environments for their residents. It's not only luxury communities that are hitting the mark, but many of the moderate priced apartments provide the level of service you expect as well.       
  • Apartment locators in Texas are required to be licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission as sales or broker agents to provide this service. Our businesses are regulated by TREC and we adhere to a strict code of ethics, moral conduct and higher standard of practices. We're also required to continue our education through a series of mandated courses to stay abreast of constantly changing laws, regulations and the general practice of real estate including legal, ethics and fair housing. 
  • You will never pay funds to me - all financial transactions or fees are paid directly to the apartment management offices, therefore, you have absolutely "no risk" of scams or fraudulent activities when you've enlisted Kathy Curtis as your apartment locator and agent.    
  • There are a number of reasons to use an apartment finder service such as AptExpert but to use one with 26+ years experience will prove invaluable to you. Call Kathy Curtis today! Allow me to show you why clients love this service. 

How Does This Work? 

Using AptExpert.com is easy as 1, 2, 3  

Call, text 281-414-5258, email, or submit the form below to get started  

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Why use AptExpert.com?

  • You would want to contact a professional for other important services whether it's legal or financial, and leasing an apartment involves thousands of dollars, a lengthy commitment and signing a lease agreement is a binding, legal contract.
  • I'll work hard to find what you want - your complete satisfaction is my top priority. 
  • I have 25+ years experience and thorough knowledge of thousands of apartments from one end of Houston to the other. I can help you find the most suitable property to match your apartment search wants and needs.
  • I also have access to a rental database that's continuously updated with valuable information and allows me to provide you with a detailed apartment listing package in an easily read format with interior and exterior property pictures, amenities, fees, amenities, and more specifically tailored to your apartment search criteria. Our database includes the entire Houston, Texas area and beyond, from as far south as Galveston to Katy in far west Houston, and as far north as Conroe and Magnolia. Traditional-garden style apartments, townhomes, lofts, managed condos, and luxury mid-rise and hi-rise rentals, are all available through my apartment finder service.    
  • I can assist with questions regarding approval qualifications and requirements.  
  • I'll explain every aspect of your apartment rental process and walk you through it from start to finish. 
  • When you enlist my services as your apartment agent, I'll do my best to eliminate the stress and guesswork that comes with looking for apartments on your own. My goal is to exceed your expectations so you can be assured I have your interest at heart.  
  • Apartment management teams and owners rely on experienced apartment locators to send prospective residents. We match the person to the most suitable properties and that avoids wasting time for the renter as well as the leasing team.   
  • While there's an abundance of information online, there's no replacement for service, personal knowledge, and a caring agent to assist you. You don't have to rely on an app or online listing site that can't offer the type of one-on-one service that you'll receive from me.       

Facts About Apartments in Houston's Rental Market

Statistics for Houston and beyond:  

  • There are 2,750+ apartment communities with 644,635+ apartments, townhomes, condos, lofts, mid-rises, and high-rise listings   
  • Many more communities are under construction or proposed to break ground in 2018 and 2019
  • The average rental price is $1031 as of August 2018 for 882 sq ft unit 
  • This is just the "average" rental 
  • A new Class A+ luxury community can exceed $2.00 per square foot depending on location and due to increased costs of construction, land and building materials. This type of community makes up the majority of what's being built in and around Houston   
  • There are 41 major, market areas, with 140 cities and towns that make up the greater Houston apartment market!  

So what does all this mean to you? When you're trying to find an apartment to rent on your own, it can be overwhelming! You could spend days, weeks, or months looking for an apartment, but you don't have to!  You want to make the best decision for you and your family - that's what my service does for you. Moving is hard enough, looking for an apartment doesn't have to be, let me help!   

Additional Facts 

When Using An Apartment Locator


When shopping for an apartment locator or apartment finder service, you don't need to call multiple agents!  

All apartment locators, while they may not be equal in service, experience or property knowledge, have access to the same apartment listings. Contacting more than 1 apartment locator can be confusing, and to be honest, only one agent will be paid for your rental! You don't want to have agents working for you and get no credit for the service they provided. If you have contacted other apartment locators and provided the same apartment search criteria, "apples to apples", the results or outcome will be the same. On occasion, apartment owners and leasing or management teams will offer deals or specials exclusively through our service, but most offer it equally to all agents. I try to pre-qualify customers prior to recommending apartments in an effort to prevent wasting your time and money! During our initial consultation, I'll ask if you have any credit, rental or background issues that would prevent a standard approval. Apartment and rental communities have credit and rental criteria requirements. The more I know - the better I'm able to assist you. There are some second chance apartments depending on your issue. I can almost always assist you in finding a community that will accept your credit, or rental history issue. Background issues are on a case by case basis but again, I can almost always help depending on the issue we're dealing with.  

Important Facts/Tips To Narrow Your Apartment Search

Price - If you compare the total rental price over the course of the lease term, for example, one apartment community may have a higher monthly rent but if they're offering a free rent special of 1 or 2 months free, that can lower the total price significantly over a 12 to 15 month lease term. Not all properties will allow you to prorate the free rent special, but you can do it yourself, call me and I'll explain.     

Lease Terms - Keep in mind that specials offered rarely apply to anything less than a year lease term and sometimes longer. While 6 month leases are still offered at the majority of apartment communities, it will usually increase the rental price. Those specials could then be off the table. Shorter lease terms, 3 to 5 months for example are not offered at all properties. Additionally, short term leases come at a significantly higher rate and some have upcharges. Factor in that most apartments use dynamic pricing software to set rental prices. I'll help you find the best properties to suit your needs however if it's a short term lease you need, it may be a corporate style apartment. Corporate rentals include rent, furniture, utility allowances, cable, internet, maid service and other features. They come at a premium rental price since they're set up as move in ready, still they are less than an extended stay hotel plus they offer many more lifestyle amenities and conveniences. 

Water, sewer, trash, gas, and pest control are additional fees paid separately by the renter. There are only a handful of properties that don't charge these fees additionally - the vast majority do. There are some properties that charge a community or amenity fee and some charge for parking, gate cards, and gym keys. 

All bills paid or utilities included apartments - there are still some of these available in different areas throughout Houston. They are older built communities that have had some interior and amenity upgrades. The majority do not have washer/dryer connections in the apartment but there are laundry facilities on site. Contact me for more information for these apartment communities in Clear Lake and Houston. 

Laundry facilities - You know you’ll be spending time doing laundry, so you might favor the complex that provides you with a washer and dryer in the apartment, over those which provide shared laundry facilities on site. If one apartment comes with a connection and another comes with a washer and dryer already installed, you might factor in the cost of renting or buying new units before you make your decision. Washer/dryer rental can run $40 to $50 monthly.

Location, Location, Location - One apartment may be closer to work, ensuring a shorter commute. Another may be within walking distance of a grocery store, and shopping. Still another may be close to school, public transportation, a dog park or even a favorite pub or restaurant to meet up with your friends and colleagues. It's always a good idea to put in the apartment’s address into Google Maps to measure the time to travel to important daily destinations. My free apartment search package comes with maps, directions, amenities and all the detailed information you'll need to be able to decide which property is the right one for you. 

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Your only obligation when using my service is to list Kathy Curtis, Texas Apartment Locators on the Registration/Guest Cards/initial contacts and again on your Rental/Lease Application as "how you found the community"! 

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Please be advised: All information from our third-party database is deemed to be reliable but cannot be guaranteed. When updates occur within the database, things can be miscommunicated. Most apartment owners also utilize a dynamic software program to set pricing which can make prices change from day to day or week to week. This software is based on all variable factors such as vacant units, units leased, leases expiring, floorplan/size, location, interior upgrades, etc. making prices fluctuate frequently, both up and down. Specials can also change without notice. Contact me for details so we can obtain a quote and once a quote is received they're generally good for a period of 24 to 48 hours unless the unit is rented by someone else, prior to your application being received by the property leasing office. While every effort is made to update the software by the third party, we do not have access to the data program and are unable to go into the system to update it ourselves. I do update the prices, availability, and other important information in detailed notes within your apartment search package via the "memo" sections. Our database is owned and maintained by a third party. I have subscribed to this data for 25+ years and find it to be the most useful tool in my toolbox.  

I will also update the prices, availability, and specials prior to your visits as your agent, however that can only be accomplished if we stay in communication. 

Unit prices are based on: your move-in date; availability on the date you visit the community; the location of the unit you requested (ie - ground floor; 2nd floor; view; unit upgrades; etc), add-ons such as garage/covered parking/storage and finally the lease term. All of these variables play a part in the price equation. In addition, your price is contingent on the date you fill out your rental application, pay the required fees for application, administration fee, and security deposits. Specials can end without notice and are offered as an incentive for a limited time.   

Allow me to update price, availability, and specials for you the day prior to touring properties if possible. Also, please note that pictures shown are not representative of every apartment offered at a community.

Our advertised listings via this site and other advertising platforms are accurate at the time of posting, based on the same variables stated above, but are subject to change without notice. Not all apartments have the same features, price, view, layouts. This is, in no way, meant to be fraudulent or deceptive advertising. My goal is always to provide the most accurate and honest representation of any property advertised.    

It’s also my sincere attempt to offer the lowest price available at any given property as a way to save you money although again, those prices can change daily and without notice.  Now that I've described every possible negative scenario, please trust that I have your best interest at heart!  

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